We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates on the day. The course content may vary as the workshop is adapted to these needs. These are just a few of the courses we can offer so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

21 January 2020, 9.30am-4.30pm, GFSB

Project Management

 This one-day course provides you with the essential knowledge and confidence to effectively plan, implement and review projects, using a few essential checklists and key techniques. 

You will carry out practical exercises to gain useful experience of the project management process and skills. You will be able to apply these skills in your workplace.

12 February 2020, 9.30am-4.30pm, GFSB

Negotiate a Win Win Outcome

In this course, you will be shown how to prepare for a negotiation; structure and control a negotiation and respond to pressure and tactics. You will enhance your existing negotiation skills when dealing with common issues in the workplace. Improve your self-confidence and understand the impact of your behaviours when negotiating in one-to-one and group negotiations. You will participate in a negotiation case studies and role-plays to enable you to practise the principles and skills.

13 February 2020, 9.30am-4.30pm, GFSB

Minute Taking with Confidence

A minute taker has a key role in ensuring meetings are productive. You want to be confident and competent in this role. This course will take you through a step-by-step approach to producing effective minutes – giving templates to help you produce structured agendas and take notes effectively. You will gain several simple yet brilliant techniques.  Practical exercises will help you build confidence and put ideas into practice.

 Target Group: Individuals who require the confidence and skills to produce accurate and clear notes and minutes of meetings.

18 February 2020, 9.30am-4.30pm, Bleak House

Dealing with Pressure & Stress

This one-day course will enable you to manage your own pressure and stressful situations more effectively. By understanding what stress is, how it is caused, how it may manifest and some techniques for dealing with it, you will be able to undertake your work more effectively and with a greater degree of personal satisfaction.

19 February 2020, 9.30am-4.30pm, Bleak House

Emotional Intelligence – don’t leave your emotions at home

Emotional intelligence (EI) is recognised as a key factor influencing high performance at
work – particularly for people in management roles. An emotionally intelligent person pays
attention to the impact they make on those around them. They consider how emotions and
feelings contribute to behaviour. In this course, you explore how this is achieved, building
your understanding of how to motivate yourself, manage organisational and relationship
difficulties and inspire those around you.

25 February 2020, 9.30am-5.00pm, Bleak House

Problem Gambling

This new one day workshop will focus on current issues unique to the gambling industry as well as the essential knowledge and skills needed to understand the following aspects:

  • How to Prioritise Safeguarding

  • Science and the Psychology of the Player

  • How to Recognise Markers of Harm

  • Problem Gamblers and Pathways to Help

  • Embracing a Culture of Change

27 February 2020, 9.30am-4.30pm, Location TBC

Presenting with Confidence

This one-day course  will help you to improve your presentation skills, adding impact to make your presentations memorable.  You will leave with some tricks of the trade and increased confidence to enhance your delivery and engage any audience. Designed for individuals who are required to speak in front of others and wish to project a professional image, and develop their skills and confidence.  This course is suitable for inexperienced and experienced presenters.

Details on application:

Interviewing Skills for Recruitment 
This practical one-day course enables you to develop skills and techniques to help you conduct
successful selection interviews.

 Understand how the interview fits into your recruitment process
 Appreciate the importance of the documents and the interviewer’s role
 Prepare and perform a successful interview
 Make selection decisions based on the evidence from the interview

Introduction to Company Administration in Gibraltar

Aimed at those new to the sector, this one day course will cover the role and duties of the Company Secretary; Companies Act;  Shareholders; Types of shares; Companies House Filings and all the basics for a general overview .

Agile PM Foundation Course

Delivering projects using an Agile approach requires different ways of thinking and different ways of working for the Project Manager and all those involved. This course covers the AgilePM® handbook version 2.  This is the three-day approach to gaining the Foundation qualification. It is an intense course that will require delegates to prepare thoroughly and be prepared for evening work throughout the course. The course includes the Foundation examination, a 40-minute paper based exam.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass

Excel is Microsoft Office’s product where the strong really outshine the weak. Despite every other system we use, most organisations live by critical data on Excel. It’s impossible to know what you’re missing out on without understanding the full potential of what Excel can do. This workshop is very practical and has been created based on the most useful Excel features. Each session is specialised (and includes take-home checklists) on effective set up, external data, and handling errors.

VIP Customer Care

This interactive course will help you to explore the ways you can use your behaviour to help or hinder transactions.  This course will give you the skills to deal with your customers excellently and confidently.  You will understand the standards your customers expect from you and how to meet those expectations.

Emerging Leaders

This one-day course is very practical and aimed at  rising stars or those new to a leadership role. We will cover many of the basics involved in managing people including Delegating; Motivating Others to achieve your goal; Working to deadlines; Effective Communication; Embracing Change and Approaches to problem solving. This course has been reviewed and accredited by the ILM.

Performance Management 

Just teaching people how to run an appraisal session isn't really going to address the fact that it's what happens every day that gives the true picture of a person's overall accomplishments and capabilities. Our interactive activities will engage you and encourage you to recognise your team’s achievements and focus on early action to address poor performance.

Time Management

Through a mixture of interactive, practical exercises and self-reflection, we will build on your skills to efficiently and effectively manage your time in a stress-free, well-organised manner.

Effective Communication for Managers

The cornerstone of all business is good communication. At Rock Learning we help people become more effective, more confident and more dynamic communicators. Effective communication makes for effective business.

We like to develop the communication skills people already have and the things they already do well, rather than focusing on what's wrong or what needs to be fixed.

Leading Teams & Delegating Leadership

This interactive, experiential workshop has been designed for use with people at any level in organisations. Those who have grasped the fundamental principles of team working and realise that a leader must understand the end goal and keep this in mind at all times. Those who are new to leadership and need to communicate information clearly and concisely and generate others’ commitment to follow instructions and procedures. We'll look at:

  • Instructing and gaining commitment

  • Leadership and Followership

  • Prioritising

  • Customer Focus

  • Thinking ahead

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

With a focus on alternative dispute resolution and mediation skills, this course will look at common causes of conflict at work and our responses to them. We will explore the impact of the position, interests and needs model to resolve a conflict.

Strategic Planning

To excel, leaders and managers need to understand themselves, their personal drivers and the impact these drivers have on their behaviour and performance. 

This interactive, experiential workshop explores how to capitalise on opportunities and take a strategic approach that integrates all of the facets of an organisation

Handling Difficult Conversations

A line manager's skills can really be tested in a conversation where you have to manage emotions and information in a sensitive way in order to tackle issues before they become entrenched or complicated. Join us to gain confidence in this area and help make the conversations more bearable.

Introduction to Company Administration in Gibraltar

Aimed at those new to the sector, this one day course will cover the role and duties of the Company Secretary; Companies Act;  Shareholders; Types of shares; Companies House Filings and all the basics for a general overview .

Motivating Ourselves, Our Bosses and Others

If you want to make things happen, the ability to motivate yourself and others is a crucial skill.  At work, home, and everywhere in between, people use motivation to get results. This one-day course gives you the opportunity to understand what motivates you, your managers and other people.  You will identify ways to increase motivation.  This will help you achieve what you want and need.

Front Desk & Reception Skills

The receptionist is the first point of contact with your customers. Your receptionists need to create a good first impression within moments.  This interactive course will enable receptionists to develop their customer service skills and communication skills.

Understanding Personality using the MBTI ®

The MBTI is a powerful framework for understanding personality. It describes an individual’s
preferences and personality, while being understandable and useful in everyday life.
It is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and is one of the most respected
psychometric instruments in the world.
This course enables you to become familiar with the MBTI and use it to improve the way you
understand and communicate with others.







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