We mainly offer bespoke training courses and leadership development programmes but occasionally do some open courses in Gibraltar. These are just a few of the courses we can offer. 

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Covid-19 update - Currently open (face to face) courses are limited but feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We aim to start up again in early 2022, subject to demand.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass - 21/22 October 2021, GFSB

Excel is Microsoft Office’s product where the strong really outshine the weak. Despite every other system we use, most organisations live by critical data on Excel. It’s impossible to know what you’re missing out on without understanding the full potential of what Excel can do. This 2 day workshop is very practical and has been created based on the most useful Excel features. Each session is specialised (and includes take-home checklists) on effective set up, external data, and handling errors.

Leading Teams & Delegating Leadership

This interactive, experiential workshop has been designed for use with people at any level in organisations. Those who have grasped the fundamental principles of team working and realise that a leader must understand the end goal and keep this in mind at all times. Those who are new to leadership and need to communicate information clearly and concisely and generate others’ commitment to follow instructions and procedures. We'll look at:

  • Instructing and gaining commitment

  • Leadership and Followership

  • Prioritising

  • Customer Focus

  • Thinking ahead

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

With a focus on alternative dispute resolution and mediation skills, this course will look at common causes of conflict at work and our responses to them. We will explore the impact of the position, interests and needs model to resolve a conflict.

Affordability in Gaming - upon request

Understand the current regulatory position on affordability and how this might evolve. Understand red flags for affordability. Be aware of what they need to know about customer finances. Have confidence to ask appropriate questions of customers. Have clear understanding of what to do with the information they uncover. Be able to link the work they do in this area to positive business outcomes. Be equipped to balance affordability issues, the prevention of gambling related harm and customer retention. "I really enjoyed the course and it was nice to have the two different tracks. For me it was really helpful, I learned a lot and it was great that it was interactive. I think that's the best way to pick up the information."


Safer Gambling and Player Protection - upon request

The programme includes legal and regulatory requirements including affordability checks, risk management, AML, cyber crime, with identified roles and responsibilities. It also explores the ethics of gaming and gambling including onboarding protocols, player protection, identifying problem gamblers, markers of harm, customer interactions and innovation in safer gambling. The training is interactive and all training material is available to delegates digitally before and after the training for one year through the Digital Chalk platform Day One • How to Prioritise Safer Gambling • The Psychology of the Player • Player Protection - How To Recognise Markers of Harm • Embracing a Culture of Change – Safer Gambling Measures • Problem Gamblers & Pathways To Help Day Two • Compliance – Taking a Risk-Based Approach • Record Keeping, Training & Monitoring • Balancing Compliance, Ethics and Commercial Drivers • Key Roles and Responsibilities • Third Party Risks "Excellently presented and produced, it has given a deeper sense of responsibility to ensure we carry out our duties to the fullest to protect everyone against the negative consequences of gambling and ensuring it remains a pleasant experience for all."

Problem Gambling - upon request

This new one day workshop will focus on current issues unique to the gambling industry as well as the essential knowledge and skills needed to understand the following aspects:​

  • How to Prioritise Safeguarding

  • Science and the Psychology of the Player

  • How to Recognise Markers of Harm

  • Problem Gamblers and Pathways to Help

  • Embracing a Culture of Change

Presenting with Confidence

This one-day course  will help you to improve your presentation skills, adding impact to make your presentations memorable.  You will leave with some tricks of the trade and increased confidence to enhance your delivery and engage any audience. Designed for individuals who are required to speak in front of others and wish to project a professional image, and develop their skills and confidence.  This course is suitable for inexperienced and experienced presenters.

Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks

Excel is Microsoft Office’s product where the strong really outshine the weak. Despite every other system we use, most organisations live by critical data on Excel. It’s impossible to know what you’re missing out on without understanding the full potential of what Excel can do. This half day workshop is very practical and has been created based on the most useful Excel features for those who have a basic understanding of the program. 

Agile PM Foundation Course

Delivering projects using an Agile approach requires different ways of thinking and different ways of working for the Project Manager and all those involved. This course covers the AgilePM® handbook version 2.  This is the three-day approach to gaining the Foundation qualification. It is an intense course that will require delegates to prepare thoroughly and be prepared for evening work throughout the course. The course includes the Foundation examination, a 40-minute paper based exam.

VIP Customer Care

This interactive course will help you to explore the ways you can use your behaviour to help or hinder transactions.  This course will give you the skills to deal with your customers excellently and confidently.  You will understand the standards your customers expect from you and how to meet those expectations.

Emerging Leaders

This one-day course is very practical and aimed at  rising stars or those new to a leadership role. We will cover many of the basics involved in managing people including Delegating; Motivating Others to achieve your goal; Working to deadlines; Effective Communication; Embracing Change and Approaches to problem solving. This course has been reviewed and accredited by the ILM.

Performance Management 

Just teaching people how to run an appraisal session isn't really going to address the fact that it's what happens every day that gives the true picture of a person's overall accomplishments and capabilities. Our interactive activities will engage you and encourage you to recognise your team’s achievements and focus on early action to address poor performance.

Time Management

Through a mixture of interactive, practical exercises and self-reflection, we will build on your skills to efficiently and effectively manage your time in a stress-free, well-organised manner.

Effective Communication for Managers

The cornerstone of all business is good communication. At Rock Learning we help people become more effective, more confident and more dynamic communicators. Effective communication makes for effective business.

We like to develop the communication skills people already have and the things they already do well, rather than focusing on what's wrong or what needs to be fixed.

Strategic Planning

To excel, leaders and managers need to understand themselves, their personal drivers and the impact these drivers have on their behaviour and performance. 

This interactive, experiential workshop explores how to capitalise on opportunities and take a strategic approach that integrates all of the facets of an organisation

Handling Difficult Conversations

A line manager's skills can really be tested in a conversation where you have to manage emotions and information in a sensitive way in order to tackle issues before they become entrenched or complicated. Join us to gain confidence in this area and help make the conversations more bearable.

Introduction to Company Administration in Gibraltar

Aimed at those new to the sector, this one day course will cover the role and duties of the Company Secretary; Companies Act;  Shareholders; Types of shares; Companies House Filings and all the basics for a general overview .