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Looking to develop stronger soft skills for the workplace? Endorsed by the ILM and licensed by MTa Learning, Rock Learning’s experiential learning workshops are designed to offer you and your team the best soft skills training experience.


What are Soft Skills?


Soft skills are the interpersonal (people) skills, attitudes and attributes that govern how you interact with colleagues, how you communicate, how you solve problems, and how you manage your work.


Here are some examples of soft skills that are valued in the workplace:

  • Active listening

  • Collaboration

  • Presenting ideas

  • Communication

  • Managing Conflict

  • Problem Solving

  • Motivating colleagues



Benefits of soft skills training


Developing strong soft skills is highly beneficial and appreciated in the modern workplace. The primary outcome of soft skills training is to enable participants to ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment, all crucial attributes for organisations in an increasingly competitive world.


Rock Learning’s activity-based soft skills courses focus on drawing out the positive attributes and emotional intelligence that delegates already possess and guide them to developing them further.


Who benefits from professional soft skills training?


Everyone in your organisation can benefit from business soft skills training. For example, a team member may want greater confidence to share her ideas in a team meeting or a 1:1 with her manager, or a colleague may feel overstretched and want to improve his time management skills. It could be that morale is low and colleagues need a chance to reflect on the causes for this, and find ways to build motivation through a teambuilding course. Sometimes, team leaders need to build trust in order to delegate more and support their team to perform better. These are just some examples of how professional soft skills training can benefit organisations.


How long are the soft skills training courses?


These courses are usually delivered as a half-day or a full-day.


Are they open for individuals?


Rock Learning is a soft skills training provider for both companies and individuals looking to develop these skills further. Our focus is usually to create bespoke courses for companies, depending on their specific learning objectives. However, we occasionally offer some of the more popular courses as open courses, which anyone can attend. Note that we also offer technical training courses which are open to the public. Please contact us for details.


What are the workshops like?


The soft skills workshops are fun, interactive and motivational. The activities are specifically designed to draw out the learning goals and engage and encourage the delegates to become involved. We help you further develop the skills you already have with our unique blend of activities, self-reflection and group analysis.


We are trained experts in this type of experiential (activity-based) learning and have the flexibility to change the course as it progresses, to make it personally relevant to the group attending.


Most importantly, we spend time on what we call the ‘Learning Transfer’ – working through our learning and linking it with the workplace. It’s all very well attending a course but pointless if you can’t relate it to your role. Rock Learning helps you personalise your learning and apply it to your day-to-day job. We are Licensed Users of the MTa Learning Insights kit 





Jo, I have to tell you, the group I sent on your course came back to the office buzzing and so motivated. Even if they hadn't learnt anything else (which of course they did) it was worth it just for that!" 

What soft skills courses do you offer?


We offer a wide selection of courses and would be happy to discuss your requirements. Below are some of our most popular soft skills workshops.


Soft skills training courses list


Managing Conflict in the Workplace


With a focus on alternative dispute resolution and mediation skills, our conflict management training course will look at common causes of conflict at work and our responses to them. We will explore the impact of the “position, interests and needs” model to resolve a conflict.


Handling Difficult Conversations


A line manager's skills can really be tested in a difficult conversation where you have to manage emotions and information in a sensitive way in order to tackle issues before they become entrenched or complicated. Join us to gain confidence in the area of handling difficult conversations and help make these situations more successful.


Project Management


This one or two-day project management course provides you with essential knowledge and confidence to effectively plan, implement and review projects, using a few essential checklists and key techniques. 

You will carry out practical exercises to gain useful experience of the project management process and skills. Our goal is to enable you to apply these skills effectively in your workplace.


Presenting with Confidence


Our one-day speaking and presenting with confidence course will help you to improve your presentation skills, adding impact to make your presentations memorable.  You will leave with several tricks of the trade and increased confidence to enhance your delivery and engage any audience. The course is designed for individuals who are required to speak or present in front of others, helping them develop their skills and confidence in order to project a professional image.  This course is ideal for both inexperienced and experienced presenters.


Performance Management Masterclass


Simply running an appraisal session doesn’t address the fact that it's what happens every day that gives the true picture of a person's overall accomplishments and capabilities. If you want to go further, this masterclass will teach you the performance management framework you need.

Our interactive activities will engage you and encourage you to recognise your team’s achievements, and learn how to focus on early action to address poor performance.


Customer Care


This interactive course will help you to explore the ways you can use your behaviour to help or hinder transactions. Our customer service training course will give you the skills you need to deal with your customers excellently and confidently. It’s time you understood the standards your customers expect from you and how to meet those expectations.


  • Examine the effects of good and bad customer care on customer loyalty

  • Investigate your personal impact on customers

  • Manage customers’ expectations and demands effectively

  • Deal with challenging customers and difficult situations


Emerging Leaders


This one-day leadership course is very practical and aimed at rising stars or those new to a leadership role. We will cover many of the basics involved in managing people including: 

  • Delegating

  • Motivating others to achieve your goal

  • Working to deadlines

  • Effective communication

  • Embracing change

  • Approaches to problem solving.

This course has been reviewed and accredited by the ILM.


Leading Teams & Delegating Leadership


This interactive, experiential workshop has been designed for use with people at any level in organisations. Some participants may have already grasped the fundamental principles of team working and realise that a leader must understand the end goal and keep this in mind at all times. Others who find this workshop invaluable are those who are new to leadership and need to communicate information clearly and concisely and generate others’ commitment to follow instructions and procedures. We'll look at:

  • Instructing and gaining commitment

  • Leadership and followership

  • Prioritising

  • Customer focus

  • Thinking ahead


Time Management


Everyone agrees that time management skills are important – but how do you develop them? Our time management course employs a mixture of interactive, practical exercises and self-reflection to build on your skills, enabling you to efficiently and effectively manage your time in a stress-free, well-organised manner.


Effective Teamwork


Our teamwork programmes are designed to create and nurture successful, professional, productive and happy teams.

This half or full-day course combines practical and reflective activities designed to help you develop teamwork skills and understand better how teams work together to share commonality of purpose. We will cover:

  • Understanding your role as a team member

  • Team problem solving

  • Clarifying your objectives and constraints

  • Attitudes and skills when working with others

  • Communication and Listening skills


Corporate Away Days


Our Corporate Away Days combine fun and interactive teambuilding activities with a special focus on your organisation. All participants receive an opportunity to share their views through facilitated activities and discussions, promoting employee engagement. The focus of our corporate away days is not just on having a great time, but also what we can learn from greater collaboration, the benefits to employee wellbeing and how we can implement the learning into your workplace.

Interested in one of our soft skills courses?

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