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Bringing expert trainers to Gibraltar


Sending your employees abroad for specific training courses, which are not available locally, can be expensive and a poor use of time spent travelling. A 3-day course should mean 3 days out of the office, not 5 days! Rock Learning brings a variety of technical training courses to Gibraltar, depending on local demand, and offers them out to the local market. The breadth of these training opportunities enhances the skillset available to the local population.


What is technical training?

Technical training or “hard skills” training is the process of helping employees improve the practical skills they use on the job. These job-specific, vocational skills allow you to perform your role with a degree of measurable proficiency. For example, an accountant may need technical training to learn how to navigate the company’s new accounting software.

What is the difference between technical and soft skills training?


Unlike communications or leadership training, which aim to improve a person's soft skills, technical training focuses on what people do each day, from constructing houses to marketing to nursing. As such, while many soft skills are applicable in nearly every industry, technical training tends to focus on specific industries or job types making it essential to find the right training course for your needs.

What are the benefits of technical training?

In our competitive World, it is crucial to keep your colleagues up to date with the latest technology, legislation and initiatives in their field of work. If you invest in their professional development, your organization will reap numerous benefits.

How long are the courses?


These courses vary in length from half a day to 5 days, depending on the topic and the level of accreditation.

Are they open for individuals?


Yes! Anyone who would like to improve their skills in a particular area is welcome to attend, although some courses do have minimum entry requirements. For example, our Certified Ethical Hacker course requires a basic understanding of information security as a prerequisite for attending.

Why aren’t the courses super expensive?


Instead of covering the expenses for several employees to travel to a course, we only have to cover costs for the trainer. We then open the course up to the local market to lower to split the costs further, enabling us to provide you with top quality training at rock bottom prices.

Who gives the courses?


Our trainers come from all over the World! Once we have decided on the course topic, Rock Learning sources an expert training provider to deliver a top quality course in Gibraltar. Our previous expert trainers have come from the U.K., the U.S.A., Dominica and Cambodia. Most of them offer internationally accepted accreditation in their field.

What technical training courses do you offer?


We can offer a wide variety of courses – please contact us if you are looking for something specific which is not mentioned below. Here are some examples of courses we have brought to Gibraltar in the last few years:

Problem Gambling


This new one-day workshop focuses on current ethical issues unique to the gambling industry as well as the essential knowledge and skills needed to understand the following aspects:​

  • How to Prioritise Safeguarding in Gambling

  • Science and the Psychology of the Player

  • How to Recognise Markers of Harm

  • Problem Gamblers and Pathways to Help

  • Embracing a Culture of Change in the Gambling Industry


Introduction to Company Administration in Gibraltar


Aimed at those working in the sector, this one-day course will cover the role and duties of the Company Secretary in Gibraltar; Companies Act; Shareholders; Types of shares; Companies House Filings and all the basics for a general overview.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass


Excel is Microsoft Office’s product where the strong really outshine the weak. Despite every other system we use, most organisations live by critical data on Excel. It’s impossible to know what you’re missing out on without understanding the full potential of what Excel can do. Perfect for those who use Excel on a daily basis, this 2-day Microsoft Excel workshop is very practical and has been created based on the most useful Excel features. Each session is specialised (and includes take-home checklists) on effective set up, external data, and handling errors.


Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks

The mini version of the Microsoft Excel training Masterclass, this practical workshop is just half a day and focuses on the most useful Excel features for those who only have a basic understanding of the program.  Aimed at those who use Excel for 3+ hours per week, we cover many useful speed-up tricks to help you with your daily tasks.



Data Protection Act 2004 vs. GDPR

The DPA 2004 incorporates the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 into the Laws of Gibraltar.  This one-day course provides a comprehensive insight into the DPA 2004 and features the similarities and differences between the 2004 Act and the 2018 Regulation. This is an introductory level course, aimed at anyone within your organisation that deals with clients and therefore needs to understand their privacy obligations when handling personal data.


Data Protection Act Law Enforcement Processing Course

Aimed at those working within Law Enforcement, this one-day course addresses the specific requirements under Part 3 of Gibraltar’s Data Protection Act 2004. The emphasis is on matters directly pertaining to processing of personal data by a competent authority for law enforcement purposes. Both the EU GDPR and the EU Law Enforcement Directive (LED) have been given effect through the 2004 Act.

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)


The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) 2003 (also known as the e-Privacy Directive) sit alongside and complements existing data protection regime. They give individuals more specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communications.  


Organisations that wish to send electronic marketing messages (by phone, fax, email or text), use cookies, or provide electronic communication services to the public must comply with these rules and the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2004 if you are processing personal data.


This one-day course provides an in-depth analysis of the Regulation to help you understand your obligations and explains how to apply the Regulations.


 Agile PM Foundation Course


Delivering projects using an Agile approach requires different ways of thinking and different ways of working for the Project Manager and all those involved. This course covers the AgilePM® handbook version 2.  This is the three-day approach to gaining the Foundation qualification. It is an intense course that will require delegates to prepare thoroughly and be prepared for evening work throughout the course. The course includes the Agile PM Foundation examination, a 40-minute paper-based exam.


Certified Ethical Hacker


This fully accredited, practitioner-led Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course is led by information security professionals who practise what they teach. It equips you with the skills to plan and perform ethical hacking (penetration testing) on an advanced level. With an ANSI compliant exam which will help you command the trust and respect of employers globally, you can achieve an industry-recognised ethical hacker qualification in just one week.


Cyber Security Risk Management


The world's first certificated cyber security risk management course. Modern organisations face the constant threat of cyber attack. Creating an effective cyber risk strategy to mitigate the risk of cyber crime is the only way to ensure your survival, but cyber security management can be complex and costly. With so many standards, best practices and technical controls to choose from, how do you get started on your plan?


The three-day Managing Cyber Security Risk classroom-based training course builds on basic foundation-level knowledge of information security management practices to equip practitioners with the expertise to manage cyber security risk and meet compliance objectives in organisations of any size. It also supports professional development: delegates who pass the included exam are awarded the ISO 17024-certificated Managing Cyber Security Risk (CCRMP) qualification by IBITGQ.


Drawing on real-life case studies, an experienced senior information risk consultant will fully prepare you for all of a cyber security manager’s roles and responsibilities, providing you with insights to enable you to create a blueprint for a plan that not only includes the implementation of technical measures (controls) but also takes into account the people, processes, governance, leadership and culture in your organisation.

Interested in learning more about our technical training courses and workshops?

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