All of the companies below have taken part in one or more of Jo's training workshops. Although predominantly serving the online gaming and financial services sectors, Jo has also delivered workshops to the HR community, fuel sector, local government, schools, charities and youth groups.


Why choose Rock Learning?


As a Recognised Provider of the Institute of Leadership & Management, Rock Learning stands out in the marketplace in Gibraltar, but why do people choose us to assist with their company’s L&D needs? We asked our clients what their top reasons were for choosing us and here’s what they told us:


“Your courses are fun and engaging.”


We practise experiential learning techniques so all of our courses are based on highly interactive activities. The activities are designed to focus on specific learning objectives, whilst being enjoyable and motivational.


“The learning is personal and relevant.”


We tailor all of our courses to focus on the individuals attending on the day. This means that the course content may vary, but that each person will go away with learning points specific to their needs.



“You encourage self-reflection and discussion amongst delegates, generating peer support.”


This is a key part of our work and one of the core points in experiential learning. Delegates not only learn from their participation in the activities but also from the other individuals on the course with them. We do encourage and guide delegates to share their personal learning goals and seek advice and support from their peers on how to resolve them.


“You don’t tell people what they should do or how they should behave in the workplace.”


We prefer to develop the skills people already have. Whilst other areas for development may be highlighted during the activities and subsequent reviews, we look for attitudes and attributes that are within the individual’s power and ability to change and we help facilitate this process.


“You are local, available and great value for money.”


Many of our clients were previously bringing trainers over from the UK at considerable expense. Rock Learning is based in Gibraltar, understands the culture here and has first-hand experience in various sectors here, including the online gaming, financial and voluntary sectors.


"The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It was a well received event – and they’re a tough bunch!" (Inspector John Olivera, Royal Gibraltar Police)
"We send people on training courses all the time and most of them are so boring. You were so energetic and you kept us moving all the time, from one task to another. People came back to the office asking when they could go again!" (S.E.M, Ladbrokes)
"Jo, I have to tell you, the group I sent on your course came back to the office buzzing and so motivated. Even if they hadn't learnt anything else (which of course they did) it was worth it just for that!" (N.F., Ladbrokes)
"The course was excellent and very useful, participative and practical" (K.W, Argus)
"Very good and enjoyable learning. Very happy - would recommend." (J.B., Gibtelecom)
Thanks very much, I really enjoyed the session and found the experiential learning very useful to help modify my behaviours and apply to my workplace.  I will be recommending that we use future training of this nature and would appreciate it if you would forward a list of the different topics on offer so we can assess if there are any further training needs that attending one of the seminars could be beneficial to our business. (J.D., IDT Financial Services Limited)
"Realy enjoyed the exercises with the components, especially the mirror exercises." (F.Q., HR Department,

“Very well delivered. Creative and ideal for my situation”


“Original, good fun and informative learning”

"I've never been on a course like this before. It's been great!"

"Really good fun - no boring Powerpoint!"

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