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You’ll love our Leadership Development Programme! Give your managers the skills they need to transform the workplace into a positive and productive environment.

About our Leadership Training Programme

Our flagship, ILM-accredited, Leadership Development Programme takes place over several months, giving delegates time to practise and implement their learning. (It is also available in an abridged 2-day version). This is the course we’re famous for!


  • The only ILM-accredited programme in Gibraltar

  • Delivered in-house for up to 12 of your managers

  • Tailored to suit your organisation

  • Spread over 3-4 months

  • Blended learning, including workshops, 1:1 coaching and personal assignments

  • Over 8 years of success with Gibraltarian businesses

  • 100% satisfaction rate, with repeat bookings from several local companies

Who is the course for?


This bespoke course will be designed specifically for your organisation. Delegates can be new or experienced managers, or a mixture of both! This course is perfect for companies proactively seeking to empower their managers and create a healthier, stronger working environment. Show your colleagues their personal development is important to you!


Goals of the leadership and management course


We’ve often been asked what participants can expect to gain from our leadership development training.

In a nutshell, we aim to develop stronger, happier relationships between managers and teams. This is achieved through learning about:

  • more effective communication

  • delegation

  • conflict resolution skills

  • greater awareness of colleagues’ needs and how they may impact your business

  • better use of everyone’s abilities to help your workplace run more effectively and efficiently

Your specific organisational goals, culture and values will be built into the Programme.


“Jo was really knowledgeable and the activities we did could easily be translated into the workplace” Sam Wilson, Senior Designer, BetVictor


“I found course really interesting…helped break down a lot of barriers and I now feel more confident to face difficult conversations. It also validated a lot of what I do.” Raquel Moss, Hassans


How is the course delivered?


You’ll be glad to know there are no boring Powerpoints! As Benjamin Franklin famously said: “Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I may remember, show me and I’ll learn.” This is very much our ethos with our leadership training programme.

We combine 8 half-day, interactive workshops with an abundance of self-reflection, 1:1 coaching, practical assignments, and a participant learning journal. The workshop activities are designed to draw out specific learning objectives and we use real-life leadership and management scenarios and case studies that are relevant to your industry.

Who will deliver the course?


This Leadership Development Programme is facilitated by Jo Abergel, who has 30 years’ experience in the field. Jo trained in the UK, where she co-developed leadership training funded by the Department for Education & Employment. Rock Learning is a Recognised ILM Provider, so you can be assured that her training interventions have been assessed by the UK’s leading provider of leadership, management and coaching qualifications. This makes Rock Learning’s leadership and management course stand out in the marketplace, bringing the prestige of ILM to employers and participants alike. Find out more about Jo’s background here.

Jo has been based in Gibraltar for almost 20 years and has delivered this Programme several times for organisations such as BetVictor, Hassans, the Care Agency, the Gibraltar Port Authority and Sovereign Group.




Sam Wilson


Jo was really knowledgeable and the activities we did could easily be translated into the workplace


Teresa Golt

Line Group

Thank you, Jo, for a very insightful and enjoyable course. Will miss these [workshops]!

Raquel Moss


I found course really interesting…helped break down a lot of barriers and I now feel more confident to face difficult conversations. It also validated a lot of what I do.

What is leadership and management development?

In every organisation, the relationship between a jobholder and their manager is key, yet still many people find themselves in leadership positions because of their length of service or technical ability, rather than their interpersonal skills. Leadership and management development helps managers (or potential managers) hone these skills so they are better able to:

  • focus their people and give them scope

  • coach and stretch their teams

  • recognise and reward them

  • confront dysfunctional situations.


Improving their leadership skills also helps them become more approachable and available when needed, and give regular support to their colleagues to help them achieve their own personal and organisational objectives.


Why is it important?

If the key relationships the managers have are strong, teams and workplaces will thrive and develop through the energy, commitment and creativity of their people. Employees who feel their company is invested in their careers are likely to stay longer and work harder. Plus, providing targeted workplace training enables participants to become more versatile and increase their contributions to the firm— a benefit for everyone. 


How to improve leadership skills


There are many resources for developing leadership skills available for free. However, participating in a small, focused group of colleagues from the same organisation is, based on our experience, the most effective way to do improve leadership skills in the workplace. Without exception, all previous delegates have mentioned the substantial benefit of being able to discuss common, company-specific issues in a safe, confidential environment.


This course is particularly effective at developing leadership skills in employees as the group dictates the pace and we allow plenty of time to discuss the most relevant topics. We have the flexibility to change the course content as it progresses if it becomes apparent that certain leadership skills are needed more than others.

We also aim to build a strong, supportive group, which can continue to meet once the Programme has ended.


What are the general themes of the leadership training workshops in this course?


We will work with you if there is something specific you would like to incorporate but generally the workshops focus on the following topics:


  • Core leadership skills

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Leading Teams & Delegating Leadership

  • Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Prioritising and managing own workload whilst supervising others

  • Performance Management

  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace

  • Strategic planning

Interested in bringing our Leadership and Management Course to your company? 

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